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Exterior Wood Doors

Wood doors can provide the most beautifully crafted artistic entry door to your home OR they can be a nightmare!  Because of all the varying properties of the differing species of wood used in door manufacturing you need to understand what you are getting, where you plan on using it, and how to maintain it.  

Wood Doors Panama City
Wood Doors Panama City
Wood Doors Panama City
Wood Doors Panama City
Wood Doors Panama City
Wood Doors Panama City

We carry exterior wood doors produced by:

Weiland Doors Panama City
DSA Doors Dealer Panama City
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There are many species of wood that are more rot resistant, less prone to warping, and stain out beautifully, but in any exterior door application you will need to maintain the finish on it to keep water out.  But how often will vary by your door’s exposure to the sun and rain, overhang, etc.  Be sure to check the manufacturer’s requirements (often listed in Finishing Instructions or Warranty Requirements). See also our Clad Wood Doors.

The benefits of a wood door are:


  • Unlimited design and size options

  • Natural and classic beauty

  • Architectural styles matching almost every era

  • A wide range of pricing and glass options


Applications - Front Doors, historic renovations, all types of exterior doors.

Limitations - You must use the right type of wood, in the right openings with a proper finish and maintain the doors.  Wood moves, sometimes splits, and is perfectly naturally imperfect!

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