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Exterior Cladwood Doors

Clad doors maximize the benefits of Wood’s strength, beauty, and insulation along with Aluminum, Fiberglass or Vinyl’s weather resistance on the exterior.   Vinyl clad wood doors like those from Andersen Windows and Doors give you the ultimate in architectural design options. 

Aluminum clad doors offer many of the advantages listed below, you just want to make sure the aluminum is properly coated, and the cladding is applied in a way that doesn’t allow water to reach the wood interiors.  Eagle Window and Door (Andersen’s E-Series) is an aluminum clad product that is well executed and offers an almost unlimited color pallette.


  • Multiple Exterior colors with no repainting

  • The look of an authentic classic wood window

  • Multiple interior wood species for stain or painting

  • Full divided lite grill options with wood interiors

  • Industry leading 5 point lock system

  • Multiple hardware styles and finishes

  • Continuous weatherstripping

  • Adjustable hinges and locks to help when homes settle or move.

  • Stormwatch Impact Rated doors available.


Applications - Any exterior door opening, hinged doors, bifolding doors, and sliding doors.  Some of the best performing doors right on the coast, built to last with extremely efficient glass options.  Often built as a door system with the door, frame, sill, hinges and hardware all built to keep water and wind out.  

Limitations- Usually simpler glass options with a modern or contemporary look, so often a Wood or fiberglass entry door will be paired with clad exterior doors on the rest of the home.

Exterior Cladwood Doors Dealer Panama City
Exterior Cladwood Doors Dealer Panama City
Exterior Cladwood Doors Dealer Panama City

We carry exterior cladwood doors produced by:

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