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Exterior Vinyl Doors

Vinyl doors, like most products vary widely in quality by manufacturer.  Vinyl can provide good insulation, and weather resistance but can be weak or flimsy if the material is not part of a well thought out design.  Some just use hollow vinyl in varying thicknesses, while some brands like PGT use the weather resistant qualities of Vinyl over an aluminum support structure for strength (sliding doors).

Vinyl Doors Panama City
Vinyl Doors Panama City
Vinyl Doors Panama City
Vinyl Doors Panama City

We carry exterior vinyl doors produced by:

PGT Door Dealer Bay County
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Normally Vinyl doors will have a limited selection of colors and options but there are some great products if it fits in with the style of your home.  Be sure to choose a well thought out product in Vinyl doors.  Also see Clad Doors for Vinyl cladding over wood doors for other applications such as those used in Andersen Doors 400-Series.


Applications - Sliding Doors, Stacking Doors, and Pocketing Doors.

Limitations- Fewer color options, and not many vinyl hinged doors.   Cheaper products can crack, fade, or warp so quality manufacturers are important.

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