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Fiberglass doors are designed to offer the look of a wood door with some added weather resistance and longevity.  Fiberglass doors are offered in stain grade (textures to match various species of wood) or paint grade (smooth texture like a painted wood door).  Fiberglass doors can be wonderful BUT make sure the jamb, sill, and moulding are built to last as well or you will be tearing out a rotten door frame.  A trick used by many retailers to lower the cost is putting a great fiberglass door into a cheap primed pine jamb that won’t last.  Therma Tru invented the fiberglass door and still offers a great lineup of fiberglass doors across a wide range of styles and price points.  We offer them with options for rot proof jambs, sills, and brickmould.


Applications- almost any exterior hinged door, single or double door.  Good options for entry doors all the way down to shed doors.  Great on rental properties and other hard use openings.  Multi point locking systems available.  

Limitations- Non adjusting multipoint locks and hinges.  Limited “wood species” textures for staining.  Limited shapes and sizes.

Fiberglass Doors Panama City

Exterior Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass Doors Panama City
Fiberglass Doors Panama City

We carry exterior fiberglass doors produced by:

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